Food shipping with dry ice

Shipping sensitive goods such as food, medicines or biological samples is often a major challenge, as the cold chain must not be interrupted in order not to jeopardize the quality and/or effectiveness. Find out here how shipping with dry ice is simple and uncomplicated and can help you to ensure that your product reaches your customers with the highest quality.


The advantages of shipping with dry ice

How does shipping with dry ice work?

Shipping with dry ice ensures controlled and reliable cooling that preserves the quality of your goods. Packaged dry ice is easy to use and no special training is required. At Pro Trockeneis, you receive packaged slices in a foil with printed warnings so that shipping to the end customer is straightforward and safe. We are also happy to provide you with our safety instructions so that you can enclose them with the goods.


As your products may be in transit for more than a day, it is important that the shipping box is insulated. Styrofoam boxes with a cardboard outer box are best suited for this purpose. For regular deliveries, a reusable box made of robust EPP, which can be exchanged with every delivery, is ideal.

Goods that are chilled and not frozen must not come into direct contact with the -78.5 ºC dry ice. Special polystyrene boxes with compartments are available for this purpose. However, it is also possible to separate the ice from the goods using cardboard or bubble wrap.

We are happy to assist you with our expertise and experience so that you can offer your customers a smooth shipping process.

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