Pro Trockeneis –
Your specialist for Dry Ice

Since 2007, everything revolves around dry ice and now we also want to make that visible in our name. For this reason, MBL became the Pro Trockeneis GmbH on January 1st, 2021.

Dry ice is incredibly versatile. You can cool, freeze, shrink, clean and we regularly learn new areas of application. We are enthusiastic about our products and we want you to be enthusaistic too.

Pro Trockeneis GmbH is a flexible family company. You have a permanent contact person and we plan with you the delivery of dry ice, the delivery and construction of machines or the delivery with dry ice boxes from start to finish.

We supply you with 1.7 mm or 3 mm dry ice pellets, with nuggets or slices and blocks up to 3 kg, packed and unpackaged. You can buy the dry ice directly from the factory or we can deliver you reliably and flexibly at the desired time with our own logistics.

In addition, we can offer you different dry ice boxes for different types of dry ice and uses, from food grade EPP and EPS.

You would like to produce dry ice or are you already doing that and need a pelletizer, a block press or spare parts? We can offer you new and used production machines and spare parts.

Dry Ice

We supply pellets and nuggets in different sizes, as well as packed and unpacked blocks from 500 g to 3 kg. The dry ice is produced shortly before the delivery and delivered with our own logistics. So you always get fresh dry ice in best quality.

Dry Ice Boxes

Find out more about our varied box program. We offer small dry ice boxes with a capacity of 25 kg pellets up to large boxes with a capacity of 400 kg dry ice pellets.


Do you need a dry ice blasting machine for a certain period of time? At MBL you have the possibility to rent a blasting system with a suitable compressor. Of course, we will deliver the dry ice to you as well.

Production machines

Through our own production, we know exactly what matters in a dry ice production plant. We offer Pelletizer and block presses – new and used – and the right spare parts. Do you have to catch production peaks in the high season or you can not decide yet whether your own dry ice production makes sense or not? Then just rent one of our pelletizers!