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Who we are

We are a second-generation family business based in Rheinbach. Founded by Werner Böhm as a trading company in 1998, everything has revolved around dry ice for us since 2007. Alexander Böhm has been managing the company since 2021 under the name Pro Trockeneis GmbH. In August 2021, the company moved from Wachtberg near Bonn to our new headquarters in Rheinbach.

Foto @Jo Hempel
Unsere Unternehmenskultur ist, wie wir, langsam gewachsen. Drei Säulen haben sich dabei besonders hervorgehoben.

Independent – Sustainable – Together

In 2007, we were looking for a reliable dry ice supplier and, as a small company, we did not find one. In order to remain as independent as possible from large dry ice suppliers, Werner Böhm decided to start his own production. With a pelletiser and a delivery vehicle, dry ice production began and with it the possibility of reliably supplying our customers with high-quality dry ice.


But a company does not grow on its own. A one-man business quickly became a family business and the family grew bigger with each new team member. Together with our now 12 employees, we work every day to reliably supply our customers. We are also able to do this thanks to good co-operation with suppliers and partners. Because only together with you can we realise our goals.

Little Snowman

Over the next few years, the company continued to develop and dry ice production was joined by dry ice boxes and
dry ice production machines. And here, too, the focus was on independence from large companies.

Gewonne Preise von Pro Trockeneis

Our next projects will focus on the topic of sustainability. Even when building our production machines, it was important to us to make them robust to ensure a long service life. With rising raw material prices, we looked around the market and found what we were looking for in Denmark. Our partner’s reliquefaction systems ensure that we can reliquefy 45% of the CO² gas that would otherwise be lost. This not only conserves resources, but also saves travelling and we heat our production hall with the waste heat from the machines. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

What we are still planning

We have set ourselves a lot of goals for the next few years, such as generating electricity from alternative energies and zero-emission production, but also the further training of our employees. A first step in electricity generation was taken as early as summer 2022 with a photovoltaic system on the roof of our production hall.

Things you may not have known about us yet

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