dry ice


dry ice pellets

At Pro Trockeneis you can buy 1,5 mm and 3 mm dry ice pellets.

Pellets are particularly suitable for cleaning machines, house facades, floors, for car preparation and for removing underbody protection.

dry ice nuggets

Buy dry ice nuggets from us in the sizes 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm.

Nuggets are suitable for the transport cooling of food and pharmaceutical products and the general cooling of food.


Dry ice blocks and discs – packed and unpacked

Dry ice blocks and discs are suitable for refrigerating food and for transport refrigeration.

At Pro Trockeneis you can buy blocks and discs from 500 g to 3 KG. If you would like to send chilled or frozen products to the end user, we will pack the dry ice for you in a film with printed warning notices.

Blocks with a weight of three kilos are also suitable for the Micro Clean blasting system. The dimensions of these blocks are 100 mm x 100 mm x 200 mm.

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