dry ice

Use of dry ice

Fruit cultivation

Dry ice is widely used in fruit growing to overcome various challenges in harvesting and processing fruit. One of the main advantages of dry ice is that it is cold enough to cool fruit without wetting or damaging it.

One use of dry ice in fruit growing is when harvesting fruit, especially delicate fruit such as berries or grapes. By freezing dry ice and then placing it in containers or boxes, the fruit can be cooled quickly and gently to extend its shelf life and improve quality.

Dry ice is also used in the processing of fruit, especially in the production of juices and preserves. Adding dry ice to fruit can remove unwanted flavours and tastes as the dry ice releases carbon dioxide, extracting unwanted compounds from the fruit. Dry ice can also help kill bacteria and germs that may be present in fruit, improving the shelf life and quality of the final product.

Another advantage of using dry ice in fruit growing is its ability to kill insects and pests. By using dry ice as an insecticide, fruit growers can reduce the use of chemicals and thus reduce their environmental impact.

Overall, the use of dry ice in fruit growing is an important part of modern agriculture. With proper handling, dry ice can help improve the quality and shelf life of fruit, reduce the use of chemicals and reduce environmental impact.


Dry ice is used in many ways in viticulture.

A common use of dry ice in viticulture is in the processing of grapes and the production of wine. When grapes are pressed, they can oxidise quickly, affecting their taste and quality. However, by using dry ice, oxidation can be prevented because the dry ice releases carbon dioxide that protects the grapes from air.

Another use of dry ice in winemaking is to remove unwanted aromas from wine. By freezing wine in a closed tank and adding dry ice, carbon dioxide can be released that removes unwanted flavours and improves the taste of the wine. Dry ice is also used in the storage of wine. Because dry ice is cold and dry, it can help control the temperature and humidity in a storage room to maintain the quality of the wine.


Cleaning with dry ice is suitable for a wide range of dirt types, including grease, oil, soot, mould, adhesives, paint residues and many more. Cleaning with dry ice can be used effectively in particular for cleaning machinery and equipment in industry, but also in the food industry. For example, the removal of underbody protection with dry ice has also established itself as a gentle and effective method in car preparation.

Cleaning with dry ice offers many advantages. For one thing, it leaves no residue, so subsequent cleaning or drying is not necessary. For another, it also eliminates the need to dispose of chemicals or waste water, which reduces the environmental impact. Furthermore, cleaning with dry ice can also help to extend the service life of machinery and equipment, as this type of cleaning is non-abrasive.

It should be noted, however, that cleaning with dry ice is not suitable for all surfaces and all types of dirt. Sensitive materials such as glass or similar can be damaged by the blast. Since dry ice blasting is not abrasive, rust, for example, cannot be removed. It is therefore important to check the suitability of the surface before cleaning.

Overall, cleaning with dry ice is an effective and environmentally friendly method for removing stubborn dirt. It is particularly suitable for use in industry and can help to reduce costs and environmental pollution.

dry ice pellets

dry ice nuggets

Buy dry ice nuggets from us in sizes 10, 12 and 16 mm.

Nuggets are suitable for the transport cooling of food and pharmaceutical products and the general cooling of food.

Our dry ice is produced to order. This means that you always receive the highest quality and freshness. On request, the dry ice can be collected in a rental box directly from production or, for an additional charge, delivered. We would also be happy to make you an offer for our dry ice boxes.

Dry ice blocks and discs – packed and unpacked

Dry ice blocks and discs are suitable for refrigerating food and for transport refrigeration.

For cooling food and drinks at festivals and camping trips, we offer our Festival Package in combination with our PT cooler. With the PT cooler, the dry ice is housed in the lid and therefore has no direct contact with the drinks or food. They are therefore cooled, but do not freeze.

At Pro Trockeneis you can buy blocks and slices from 500 g to three kilos – packed and unpacked. If you want to send chilled or frozen products to the end consumer, we will pack the dry ice for you in a film with printed warnings.

Blocks with a weight of three kilos are also suitable for Micro Clean blasting equipment. The dimensions are 100 mm x 100 mm x 200 mm.

Smaller quantities of dry ice can be picked up directly from the factory in Rheinbach by arrangement.

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