Dry ice in fruit growing

Dry ice is often used in fruit growing to preserve fruit for longer with the help of a CO2 atmosphere.

Fruits such as berries do not ripen but must be harvested when ripe. In contrast to apples or pears, they therefore have little or no storage potential.

The atmosphere (air composition) in the storage room can be changed so that sensitive, ripe fruit can still be stored while maintaining consistent quality. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is added to reduce the oxygen content of the air.

However, the shelf life of ripening fruit such as apples can also be extended in a controlled atmosphere. Storage in a CO2 atmosphere can extend the shelf life from two to three months to nine to 12 months.

The use of dry ice in fruit growing is an important part of modern agriculture. With the right handling, dry ice can help to improve the quality and shelf life of fruit.


Verlängerung der Haltbarkeit

Fruit has a “metabolism” that continues even after harvesting. The fruit absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide, water and heat. This leads to ripening, fermentation, discolouration and finally spoilage.
With the help of dry ice, the air in the storage room is enriched with CO2, displacing the oxygen. This extends the shelf life of the fruit.

Verhinderung der Ethylenproduktion

Ethylene gas accelerates the ripening of fruit and is released by the fruit as a natural process. An increased concentration of CO2 in the air stops ethylene production and slows down the ripening process considerably.


Dry ice leaves no residue or chemicals on the fruit and has no impact on the environment. What’s more, dry ice is made from recycled CO2, which helps to reduce the greenhouse effect.

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