Rental of blasting equipment

Dry ice blasting is gentler and more efficient than conventional blasting methods and avoids the often costly downtimes. As the dry ice sublimates completely, the medium does not remain behind, in contrast to blasting with water, sand and plastic granulate. This means that blasting in the food industry and of electronic machines is also possible. In addition, dry ice blasting is not abrasive. This means that the surface to be cleaned is not abraded or damaged.

Cold Jet Aero 40

With the Aero 40 from Cold Jet, professional dry ice cleaning is uncomplicated and effective. Rent the blasting unit from us for 200 €/day*.

Kaeser compressor M82

Dry and oil-free air is required for dry ice blasting. With 8 m³/minute of compressed air, the Kaeser M82 compressor is also ideal for high demands. Rent the compressor from us for 150€/day*.

*Business customers who require a blasting unit/compressor for a longer period of time have the option of requesting separate prices. The dry ice is not included in the price, but must be obtained from Pro Trockeneis.

Leasing of production equipment

Double pelletizer for the production of dry ice

Pelletiser and reformer

You need to cover short-term production peaks? Your pelletiser/converter is defective or needs maintenance but you cannot do without a production machine? Then our short-term rental** is just the right thing for you.

**Price on request

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