The production of dry ice from liquid CO² is still very ineffective despite technical progress. Only 40-45% of the liquid CO² actually turns into dry ice, the rest evaporates into the atmosphere. This is not only an expensive process for dry ice manufacturers, it also has a double impact on the environment, as it also leads to more trucking on the road.

We at Pro Trockeneis were looking to make the manufacturing process more effective from the start and tried a recovery system as early as 2011. Since the recovery unit and our production machines were not ideally matched to one another at that time, an investment in such a machine was not worthwhile for us.

A few years later, however, we gave it a second try and were immediately impressed. Thanks to the recovery unit, we now use 80% of the liquid CO² and can thus produce a significantly higher proportion of dry ice with the same amount of raw material.

And we are not alone with our enthusiasm. Aquila Triventek’s recovery unit has received TÜV certification in conjunction with our pelletizer.

In addition, we are now a partner of Aquila Triventek on the German market.

Recover Unit RE 80

Dimensions1320 x 1960 x 1570 mm
Weight1070 kg
Max. current41 A
Operation current28 A (required start-up Amps should be calculated as 5 to 6 times Amp usage)
Power Supply3 x 400/50Hz
Power connection32A/3P+N+E
Power consumption35 kW

Recovery RE 160

dimeinsion2420 x 1370 x 1640 mm
weight1350 kg
Max. current70 A
Operation current28 A (Erforderliche Startampere sollten als 5- bis 6-fache Ampere-Nutzung berechnet werden.)
Power Supply3 x 400/50Hz
Power connection32A/3P+N+E
Power consumption24 kW